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The Mindless Eating Culture

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Food, in particular fast food, has become an integral part of our modern day society. It is the centerpiece for so many things. Social gatherings, family get together's, celebrating milestones and special occasions right through to eating for comfort to alleviate that bad day at work.

There is no shortage of outlets in which to indulge our fast food addiction; available around every corner, at any time of the night or day as well as online, easily ordered and delivered straight to your sofa in the click of a few buttons.

While there is certainly a place and necessity for our love of social eating and instant food gratification, the trend has also resulted in some rather more negative traits.

The 'Mindless Eating Culture'

What, exactly, IS the mindless eating culture? It is commonly defined as a disassociation with what, and how much we are eating due to our brain being otherwise distracted.

Typically this happens during times when we are consciously engaged in the situation we are in, such as enjoying a social gathering with friends or family, sat working at our computer or engrossed in an online game or even just watching tv. Our focus is on the external activity and it is this that occupies the brain and distracts it from the acknowledgement of what, and how much, we are eating.

It's all too easy to devour a family sized packet of crisps or a whole pizza while the brain is actively engaged elsewhere.

As much as this happens during joyful social times, these mindless eating episodes can also be used as a 'fix' for boredom, perceived hunger, emotional reactions to a stressful situation, depression and anxiety. The act of mindless eating creates a feeling of instant gratification, as well as 'filling a gap'

Regardless of the reasons, the outcome or results of the mindless eating culture is the same; overeating, weight gain, modern day diseases and a disassociation to what is real food vs junk food. Further, becoming overweight or developing a food related illness increases the chances of suffering from anxiety or depression when a new struggle to lose the weight or get well ensues.

Often we use justification methods for consuming the burger, fries, cake and sugary drinks. It's ok because 'we won't be eating later' or 'I'll work it off in the gym'

It's a tricky problem to get around, being that we are faced with junk food temptation at every swipe of the phone or turn of the corner on the high street; not forgetting too, the very fast pace that we all now have to live and work by. It doesn't leave much room for wholesome cooking once the day is done and we make our way home, brain tired and ready to flop to the sofa!

Perhaps an awareness is all we need to start making some changes. Next time you're out, before you order your dish, take a quick look around you at the numbers of people mindlessly consuming fast foods whilst embroiled in conversations or rushing to get back to work or a meeting on time. It always makes me think twice about what I choose to order. This act of observation is the beginning of a shift in mindset too; those few seconds spent glancing around the room are already a trigger to change in your brain, giving it time to mindfully focus on your own food choices for those few seconds,rather than just the conversations and activities you are engaged with.

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Thanks for reading!

To your mindful best health, always



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