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My Story

Hello and thank you for visiting my website!


I'm Michelle, in my fifties with a grown family and a lively grandson. My journey to a plant-based lifestyle began in childhood, and by my forties, I fully embraced it for health, animal welfare, and environmental reasons. Over the years, I've gathered invaluable knowledge on plant-based eating, leading to the development of my 'food heart method' — a strategy to eat balanced and nutrient-rich meals.

Witnessing the transformative effects of this lifestyle on my energy levels, appearance, and well-being, I felt compelled to share. Thus, I penned a straightforward guide and a recipe book, available to purchase in the shop section of this site. The book provides immediate insights and delicious meal ideas to help you dive into plant-based eating straight away.

Remember, this isn't a diet; it's a mindset change in how you view and consume food. If I could transition and benefit immensely from it, so can you, especially with the resources I offer. If you have any questions or need support, click the 'let's chat' button or use the contact form.

I'm excited to help you in reaching your plant-based eating goals!

Michelle x

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Whether you're wanting to eat plant-based to save animals, to help the environment or as a personal health journey, you have stopped by the right place.

Since embarking on my own plant-based journey, I have helped many people embrace and enjoy the pleasure and diversity of eating plant-based through hosting cook and eat workshops, both online and in person, as well as selling what I make through my quirky little 'Be Nourished' catering trailer overlooking the ocean in the south of this beautiful island I am lucky enough to call home.


The Isle of Man is a haven of green fertile lands and clear clean waters surrounding our ruggedly stunning coastlines. 


These very same recipes that I sell at my trailer, create for events, and teach how to make at my 'hands-on' cook and eat workshops, can be found in my 'Kiss! Plant-Based Eating & Kick Starter Recipes' book.


With all these resources at your fingertips, you'll find making the transition from zero to plant-based expert super simple!

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