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Talking Cr*p!!

It's a sh*tty subject but, it's also one of the most common questions I get asked about. Usually only after being pulled to one side & being questioned in hushed tones, lest anyone else should hear. Oh, the awkwardness of it all!

The thing is, we SHOULD be talking about our toilet habits. It's often a first indicator of anything wrong, as well as telling us when things are all as they should be. Peace of mind.

However, analyzing our number two's is a subject for a future blog (look out for that one!).

For this blog, we're going to discuss the aromatic subject of why we get such bloated stomachs & often, smelly farts, when we change over to a more, or fully, plant-based way of eating.

It's actually a pretty straight-forward answer; blame it on the fibre.

On a typical standard western diet that's often higher in processed & refined foods, the amount of fibre intake is significantly low.

When we start changing over to a diet that includes a lot more fibrous foods such as greens, beans, fruits, nuts & seeds, the good bacteria in the intestines are suddenly deluged with all this fabulous, healthy nutrient-packed material that, incidentally, they LOVE.

Subsequently they have to go into overdrive working hard to break this new matter down.

According to the increase in bloating, stomach cramps, gas & even diarrhea is a direct result of the fermentation process that breaks fibre down in order for it to be processed and pass through the body.

While this can be awkward & downright embarrassing, once your body adjusts to the new way of eating, it will quickly settle leaving the smelly farts a distant memory you'll giggle over one day.

Another positive take from this; the symptoms are a sure fire sign that your digestive system is working well & doing what it should be.

My advice to anyone suffering as they make the positive dietary changes is not to give up. Start introducing the new foods in small amounts so the body has less to deal with at once & can get used to it gradually over time.

The results will be a very happy, healthy gut & no more bloating or gas!

As always, if you have any concerns about your health or if the bloating & gas continue on for any length of time, it's best to go & speak with your registered, professional healthcare practitioner.


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